In the groundbreaking work Purple Cow best-selling business author Seth Godin discusses what it means to be “remarkable.”

In Small is the New Big  Godin provides a road map that small, specialized companies can use to gain significant advantages over larger, more cumbersome companies.

Simply put, we agree with Godin. On just about everything.

Specialization allows our lawyers to be thought leaders in their areas of expertise both inside and outside the courtroom. We regularly speak and write on topics related to our practice areas, including the first blog dedicated to the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act and qui tam practice in Virginia.

Specialization also allows our lawyers to be “remarkable” in that others often comment on our work.

Technology, meanwhile, allows us to provide first-class service to our clients in all aspects of our work, from management of the discovery process in civil litigation to billing and time-tracking practices. Modern research tools such as Westlaw and LexisNexis have leveled the playing field of legal research and writing, and electronic filing and case management systems have made the art of firm management much easier.

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