Results Matter






There is no question that the outcome of every case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case, and that is true regardless of whether a case is won or lost. Excellent results in one case do not  mean that the same or a similar result will be obtained in the future in a different case.

We don’t give legal advice in these pages, but we do try to provide a variety of information that we hope will be interesting to you.   We promise not to interrupt your reading with pop-ups offering to “Chat Live with a Lawyer Now!” and we promise not to load these pages with lots of examples of what other lawyers have done in the hopes that you will be fooled into thinking that that was our work.

Sorting through lawyers and law firms can be a disorienting experience for the consumer, and there are many things to consider.  Simply put, we feel that some marketing techniques used by many law firms are a bit over the top, and we think you’re smarter than that.  And if you’re not smarter than that, well, you are probably not the kind of client we are looking for.

Because every case is different and because the results depend on so many factors, it is impossible to provide anything more than general guidance about finding the right lawyer, and there are exceptions to every general rule.  For example, while it is safe to say that it is generally a good idea to find a lawyer who has experience handling problems like the one the client has, there may not be a lawyer who has handled exactly your sort of problem.

It is also true that, win or lose, clients usually have a good bit more to do with their own case outcomes than they think.  This is true not only in the litigation process—which, coincidentally is very much a team effort between the client and his or her lawyers—but perhaps more importantly prior to the litigation process and even prior to a lawyer getting involved.

Stated colloquially, the outcome of any given case is often said to consist of “75% fact and only 25% lawyer.”

But certainly if you are looking for a lawyer, you are looking for results, and you can read about some of ours here as well.