K&G Law Group is a boutique Virginia law firm focusing on qui tam litigation under the federal False Claims Act and Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, as well as employment law, and other complex civil litigation matters, such as business torts and litigation under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The firm’s qui tam practice is national in scope.  The lawyers of our firm have prosecuted state and federal qui tam actions across the country, and in the process have returned more than $67 million $79 million $80 million $84 million $104 million to the public fisc.

We endeavor to provide a wide range of information about our firm and what we do in these pages.  We also hope that these pages will serve as a valuable source of information for you.  These pages are not however intended to replace a consultation with a lawyer, and they should not be construed as legal advice.

You will also find in these pages information about our past case results, but you should be aware that we cannot guarantee specific results for any particular case because every case is different.  Excellent results in one case do not  mean that the same or similar results will be obtained in the future in a different case.

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