Business Torts



The general body of law known as “tort” addresses and provides remedies for civil wrongs not arising from contractual or statutory obligations. Examples of well-known torts include negligence, trespass, and assault.  A distinct subcategory of tort law claims deal with civil wrongs directed at a person’s business interests, and are often called business torts or commercial torts. As a number of recent opinions from the Supreme Court of Virginia have made clear, the stakes are often extraordinarily high in such cases.

These claims often, but not always, arise out of an employment relationship when a departing employee steals trade secrets, misappropriates a business opportunity, or otherwise engages in unfair competition with his or her former employer.  These matters also sometimes arise between competitors, or former business partners.

The lawyers of K&G Law Group, PLLC have litigated a wide variety of business tort claims on behalf of both employers and employees, including among others breach of fiduciary duty, common-law conspiracy, tortious interference with a contractual expectancy, defamation, and fraud in the inducement.

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